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It’s more affordable than you think. The debt review process is there to help over-indebted South Africans and is therefore tailored to be affordable to those with the least expendable income.

The National Credit Regulator instituted debt review as a means for any over-indebted South African to get debt help and access to a debt management expert. When you are declared over-indebted it means that you cannot afford your debt as well as your living expenses, nevermind a debt expert. That is why your debt review fees will depend on your affordability.

Your debt counsellor does a free debt assessment to determine if you are over-indebted, as this is a requirement for a debt review and affordable debt management. Your living expenses, income and debt repayments will give your debt counsellor a good idea of your unique situation.

Once it has been determined that you could qualify for debt review, the fee will be equal to the first monthly instalment – up to a maximum of R6000 plus VAT. This will only be due after you have completed your application for the service.


if your monthly debt instalment is R2800, the debt counselling fee will be R2800. If your monthly debt instalment is R7000 the debt counselling fee will only be R6000. Your debt will then be restructured in accordance with what we have negotiated with your credit providers, and your regular monthly debt instalments will start. There is also a recurring aftercare fee of 5% of your total monthly installment, and it is limited to a monthly maximum of R400 plus VAT for the first 24 months. After 24 months the monthly aftercare fee is reduced to 3% of the monthly installment.

The debt counsellor will use the financial information you provide him/her with to prove to your credit providers that you cannot afford your debt, making the negotiation process as effective as possible. Most creditors are not loan sharks: they would rather have a debt repaid with a different repayment scheme than employ the services of debt collectors. Debt review is therefore beneficial to them as well. Our debt experts have been working closely with all the major South African creditors, making it possible for you to get the best repayment scheme for your specific needs.

Your debt review fees will be included in your new, affordable debt repayment plan- which mean you don’t really notice the fees. Your debt counsellor can also save you money as they often negotiate with creditors to lower your interest rates and other fees you may have accumulated.

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