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Debt is an age-old problem but luckily we have a modern solution

South Africans who are declared over-indebted by a debt counsellor can choose to have a debt review. They will enjoy benefits such as having their monthly debt repayments consolidated, being protected from debt collectors and paying lower interest rates.

Debt review is affordable as your debt counsellor assigned to do your financial assessment will also be able to calculate your affordability. You will not pay any more than you can afford! In fact, as debt counselling is the most effective and accessible form of debt management available, you cannot afford not to get a free debt assessment if you fear you may be over-indebted.

A debt counsellor, as a debt law expert, can negotiate affordable debt repayments with your credit providers. They assess your financial situation and if your living expenses and debt repayments add up to more than your income, you are over-indebted. Our debt counsellors have existing relationships with most South African credit providers and the help of debt lawyers.

Credit providers would rather have a debt counsellor restructure the consumer’s debt repayments than the alternatives: Debt collector’s services and eventually repossessing the consumer’s assets are expensive and time consuming.

It is also in the client’s best interest to go under debt review before skipping repayments to avoid fines and hiked up interest rates. Furthermore, if a client neglects to pay their debt and receive a Section 129 letter, a debt counsellor will not be able to include that debt in a debt review.

Get a free debt assessment by filling in the form below. Don’t wait until it is to late to benefit from a debt review. Make your debt affordable today. A debt counsellor will contact you and discuss your debt help options. A debt assessment puts you under no obligation to accept debt help and there are no hidden costs.