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Restructure Your Debt

REDUCE PAYMENTS by up to 60%. Our consolidating program will get you back on track in 24-48 hours.


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Are your monthly debt repayments & living expenses higher than your income?

If the income in your household cannot cope with paying both your Monthly Living Expenses (rent, food, school fees, petrol, etc) AND repaying your monthly Debt Commitments (car payment, bond, credit card debt, store cards, etc) – then you may be overindebted.
If that’s the case – you may qualify for Debt Review, which is a Consolidation and Restructuring of your debt into ONE, EASY MONTHLY PAYMENT.

The Steps

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    Fill out the Debt Help Form

    Basic details so we can get in touch with you

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    Email/Phone Consultation

    Talk to/email with a Debt Help Consultant and explain your situation

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    We take Action Together

    We take some more detailed information from you and you submit various documentation.

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    Restructured Payment Plan

    A new monthly payment plan has been negotiated with your creditors so you can comfortably afford your monthly living expenses and your debt repayments.

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    No Commitment

    You can cancel your Debt Restructuring agreement at any time, without any penalties.

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    NCR (National Credit Regulator) & Government Regulation

    Debt Review is regulated by the government. Click Here for The NCR Website.

Why Debt Review?

When you’ve tried solving your debt problems and it seems there is just no way to get out of it – then Debt Review could be what will get you financially back on track. Read More

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Debt restructuring and/or debt counselling does not involve a loan so there is no APR. Any loans that are restructured with your current credit providers will either result in a reduction or no change in the interest charged.

Implications of non-payment of the re-negotiated and reduced instalments:
Your debt review will be cancelled and you will have to deal with your creditors yourself again.

Financial implications:
While your interest rates may be reduced and your monthly instalments will be reduced, the period of your payment plan may be longer.

Collection practices:
If you are eligible for debt review and debt restructuring you will need to make 1 monthly instalment to a government appointed Payment Distribution Agency (PDA)

Potential impact to users’ credit score:
While you are under debt review you will be listed as “Under Debt Review” with the credit bureaus, and you will not be able to apply for any loans or credit while you are still under debt review. Upon completion of your debt review you will be declared debt review and your status as being “under debt review” will be cleared with the credit bureaus.

Renewal policy information and fees:
There are no renewals with debt review. Your debt review may be cancelled due to non-payment or you may cancel your debt review at any time without any cancellation fees.

Debt Review and Debt Counsellers are regulation by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). The company restructuring your debt and placing you under debt review must be registered with the NCR. Make usre you check that your debt counsellor is registered by asking for relevant NCR registration number

Large Team Of Consultants

Debt Help Organisation consists of over 100 professional consultants who will be advising you every step of the way, until you are debt free.

Your Legal Rights

We look after Your Legal Rights through an extensive Nationwide network of Debt Lawyers who represent us throughout South Africa

The Debt Help Organisation

Debt Help Organisation,, was started to assist a broad category of the South African population who struggle with debt, in order improve the lives of all South Africans. If You struggle, We All Struggle.
For a Free Debt Assessment
SMS: Your NAME & "HELP" to: 30625

Please call me